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3V 1W High Power 3030 SMD LED

●Viewing angle:120 deg
●The materials of the LED dice is InGaN
●RoHS compliant lead-free soldering compatible

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Product Description:

Item    Name

3030 smd    led  white 

Color    Temperature


Forward    Current


Forward    Voltage


Viewing    Angle

120    degree

Operating    Temperature


Storage    Temperature





80    (according to your requirments)

Other Color Temperature 

2000K,4000K,5000K,6000-100000K,blue,red    etc.


3 years


Unleaded,    Good Quality

Other    Models

2835,3030,5730,5050,5630 etc.


 Typical optical characteristics curves 







 Color Bin Limit (IF = 60 mA) 

Requirements for application and reflow soldering

Reflow Soldering




Pro-heat time


120 seconds Max.


Peak temperature


260℃ Max.


Soldering time


10 seconds Max.




Refer to Temperature-profile

After reflow soldering rapid cooling should be avoided

Temperature-profile(Surface of circuit board)  

Use the following conditions shown in the figure.  

      <Pb-free solder>  


  1.Reflow soldering should not be done more than two times    

2.When soldering,do not put stress on the LEDs during heating


●Indoor gardening photocatalyst germicidal lamp (mainly for  Strawberry, Tobacco etc.)

●Portable money-counting torches and mosquito lamps

●Beauty lamps, fishing lamp, stage lighting for entertainment

●UV curing use and smart lamps and lanterns

●Medical lamps

●Widely used in lighting area

Packaging & Delivery

 Packaging  Details
 4000pcs/reel, each reel Anti-static vacuum  Bag

 Delivery  Time
 Shipped in 3-5 days after payment


Handling Precautions

Compare to epoxy encapsulation that is hard and brittle, silicone is softer and flexible. Although its characteristic significantly reduces thermal stress, it is more prone to damage by external mechanical force. As a result, Special handling precautions must be observed during assembling using silicone encapsulated LED product, Failure to comply might leads to damage and premature failure of the LED.


♦ Handle the component along the side surface by using forceps or appropriate tools; do not directly touch or handle the silicone lens surface, it may damage the internal circuitry.

♦ Not suitable to operate in acidic environment, PH<7.


♦ LED operating environment and sulfur element composition cannot be over 25 PPM in the LED mating usage material.


When we need to use external glue for LEDs application products, please make sure that the external gluematches the LEDs packaging glue. Additionally ,as most of LEDs packaging glue is silica gel, and it has strong Oxygen permeability as well as strong moisture permeability; in order to prevent external material from getting into the inside of LEDs, which may cause the malfunction of LEDs, the single content of Bromine 

element is required to be less than 225 PPM,the single content of Chlorine element is required to be less than225PPM,the total content of Bromine element and Chlorine element in the external glue of the applicationproducts is required to be less than  375 PPM.


♦ The encapsulated material of the LEDs is silicone. Therefore the LEDs have a soft surface on the top ofpackage. The pressure to the top surface will be influence to the reliability of the LEDs. Precautions should betaken to avoid the strong pressure on the encapsulated part. So when using the picking up nozzle, the pressureon the silicone resin should be proper.


♦ Static electricity or surge voltage damages the LEDs. Damaged LEDs will show some unusual characteristicssuch as the lower forward voltage, or the not light at low current, even not light. All devices, equipment andmachinery must be properly grounded. At the same time, it is recommended that wrist bands oranti-electrostatic gloves, anti-electrostatic containers be used when dealing with the LEDs.



♦ Before opening the package, the LEDs should be kept at 30 or less and 60%RH or less. The LEDs shouldbe used within a year.


♦ After opening the package, the product should be stored at 30 or less and humidity less than 10% RH, andbe soldered within 24 H. It is recommended that the product be operated at the workshop condition of 30or less and humidity less than 60% RH. If unused LEDs remain, they should be stored in moisture proofpackages, such as sealed containers with packages of moisture absorbent material (silica gel). It is alsorecommended to return the LEDs to the original moisture proof bag and to reseal the moisture proof bagagain.

Our Services:

 1, We will produce as your requirement;
 2. Quality guarantee: 3 years;
 3. Your inquiry for our product will be  replied very soon.
 4. Provide price list, specifications, and packing  details as requested.
 5. Provide full data sheet and test  report for every order every products;
 6. Protection of your sales area, ideas  of design and all your private information.
 7. The free samples are available, the  delivery lead time is 5-7 working days


 What's your  Question

  1. Do you have any certifications for your products ?
 Yes, All of led have CE,RoHS certifcations  and LM-80 for our EMC Serices Products.

 2. What`s your shipment way?
 Airplane, Marine shipmeng ,DHL, EMS, UPS, etc.

 3.How long of your delivery time ?
 within 5-7 working days to prepare the goods.

 4. How long is your warranty time ?
 We offer 3 years warranty.






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