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Energy-saving featuresⅡ

- Nov 15, 2017 -

4. Safety and reliability

Low heat, no heat radiation, cold light source, you can safely touch, can accurately control the light and light-emitting angle, light color and, non-glare, non-mercury, sodium and other substances that may endanger the health.

5.LED light source is environmentally friendly

LED is an all-solid-state light-emitting body, impact-resistant and easy to break, recyclable waste, no pollution to reduce a large number of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrides and carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to improve people's living environment, can be called "green light source."

White LED technology currently produces three kinds: one, the use of three-color principle and has been able to produce three kinds of ultra-high brightness LED red, green and blue light intensity ratio of 3: 1: 6 mixed into white, two kinds of use of ultra Height InGan blue LED, its total tube plus a little yttrium diamond pomegranate as the main phosphor, it can produce yellow-green light under the excitation of blue light, and this yellow-green light and the blue light can be synthesized white light, the three are not UV Light LED, the use of ultraviolet light excited three-color phosphor or other phosphors, resulting in a mixture of white light.

6.LED light source more energy efficient

Of course, energy saving is the main reason we consider the use of LED light source century. Perhaps the LED light source century is more expensive than the traditional light source, but with a year's energy saving to recover the investment of light source, thus obtaining several times of annual energy saving in 4-9 years Closing cap