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LED package introduction

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Package explanation

LED package is simply led package led package into the process of light

Packaging process

General led package must be expanded crystal - solid crystal - wire - filling glue - drying - cut feet - color separation and other processes

Packaging materials

led the main packaging materials are: chips, gold, brackets, glue and so on

Packaging equipment

Crystal expansion equipment, solid crystal machine, wire bonders, dispenser, toaster, etc., are generally divided into two automatic packaging equipment manual packaging equipment.

led light good or bad indicators: luminous angle, brightness, color (wavelength) consistency, anti-static ability, anti-attenuation ability, waterproof, color rendering index

led light package material: led package material is the direct light of good or bad, but also the most basic factor, led light is the combination of several major materials, a good led light must be a combination of all packaging materials and production technology

led lamp packaging technology: General automatic device packaging is better than the manual package, package technology level is led light package is the main factor of good or bad, the same material produced by different manufacturers have very different products