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LED Product Classification

- Nov 15, 2017 -

LED lighting can be divided into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting in two parts. Common types of LED lighting on the market are the following types of products: LED high-power module module lights, LED spotlights, LED lamp cup, LED lamp holder, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED light bar, LED light bar, LED light string, LED light bulb, LED light bead, LED wick, LED chip, LED downlight, LED candle light, LED star light, LED sensor light, LED High Power LED Ceiling Light, LED Explosion-proof Lamp, LED Tube Screen, LED Explosion-proof Lamp, High Power LED Energy Saving Lamp, LED Meteor Shower Lamp, LED Air Vitamin Purifying Lamp, LED Sound Control Lamp, LED Panel Light, LED Touch Lamp, LED Semiconductor Lighting Anti-corrosion dust lamp, LED solid state maintenance-free explosion-proof lights, LED fluorescent lamp, LED explosion-proof floodlight, LED high power lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED TV, LED backlight, LED lights, LED flood light, LED daring light, LED corn light, LED underground light, LED cabinet light, LED stage light, LED shopping mall light, LED lathe special light, LED dental light, Platform lights, LED tunnel lights, other LED classification products.